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MotherLove Yoga

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 Prenatal Yoga
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Optimal Fetal Positioning
Aches & Pains
Anxiety & Stress Management
Childbirth Preparation

Mother & Baby Yoga
Community Support & Connection
Depression & Anxiety
Diastasis Recti

Aches & Pains
Balancing Life & Motherhood

All Mothers
Sonoma County Yoga Retreats
Strength & Flexibility
Stress Management
Aches & Pains
Perimenopause & Menopause
Reconnecting to Self


Sonoma County Yoga for Mothers

Sonoma County Yoga Retreats for Mothers

2024 Dates are coming soon! Click here.

Prenatal Yoga in Petaluma
New sessions are here! Click here.
Parent & Child Yoga
(Mother & Baby) in Petaluma

New sessions are here! Click here.

Private Yoga for Mothers in Petaluma

Whether you want to work on personal health or wellness goals or just bliss out for a bit, click here for healing one on one yoga sessions.

Meet Kari
I'm Kari, a mother of two children and a registered yoga teacher with a focus in yoga therapy. I specializing in yoga for the health and well-being of Mothers including pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, menopause and all stages of Motherhood and Womynhood. It is no secret that Mothering is an ever-changing challenge and finding time to nourish yourself is often pushed to last or even out of mind.
My mission is to help Mothers claim their strength, find balance and thrive. I firmly believe everything you need to feel confident, strong, and vibrant in your body, mind, and spirit already lives within you. Just as with our own children, we were once that tiny baby with a birthright to be perfect just as we are. Life and experiences do get in the way of this feeling especially in times of stress and uncertainty.
Yoga is not stretchy pants, heated rooms, and bendy bodies. Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness and a lifestyle anyone can integrate. I am here to learn with, support, and encourage Mothers on the remarkable and challenging journey through Motherhood. I bring a fresh yet realistic perspective to helping Mothers create and achieve their physical, mental, and emotional goals and desires.

I live in Petaluma with my family and enjoy being in nature and cooking up the local bounty.


...thank you for your wonderful mama and baby yoga classes...your classes brought me so much joy. I learned a lot from you, especially about boundaries and asking for help. I never got to do mama/baby yoga with my older baby because of COVID. Your classes were often the only hour I'd get with just me and M, and that bonding time was invaluable. I feel much stronger now than I did when we started, both physically and mentally, and I really appreciate all of your contribution to that healing. I hope to take more courses from you in the future... you're amazing!

— H.G.



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