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I'm Kari, a mother of two children, a registered yoga teacher, certified prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor, and a yoga therapist specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and all stages of Motherhood and Womynhood. It is no secret that Mothering is an ever-changing challenge and finding time to nourish yourself is often pushed to last or even out of mind.
My mission is to help Mothers claim their strength, find balance and thrive. I firmly believe everything you need to feel confident, strong, and vibrant in your body, mind, and spirit already lives within you. Just as with our own children, we were once that tiny baby with a birthright to be perfect just as we are. Life and experiences do get in the way of this feeling especially in times of uncertainty.
Yoga is not stretchy pants, heated rooms, and flexible female bodies. Yoga is a holistic approach to wellness and a lifestyle anyone can integrate. I am here to learn with, support, and encourage Mothers on the remarkable and challenging journey through Motherhood. I bring a fresh yet realistic perspective to helping Mothers create and achieve their physical, mental, and emotional goals and desires.
I live in Petaluma with my family and enjoy being in nature and cooking up the local bounty.


I feel blessed to be working with Kari. In addition to being a wise and knowledgeable instructor, she is kind, gentle, and intuitive. Kari came along side me creating space for my movement to be authentic and comfortable. Kari is also approachable and authentic which is a gift within our student teacher dynamic.

— R.K.

Pregnancy Yoga

1 :1 Coaching & Small Group

COVID-19 update: classes are held in a Petaluma park, your backyard or via Zoom

20 minute phone consultation - FREE

1:1 Coaching

Single session - $95

Package pricing - please inquire.

*New Client Offer  - $180 for 3 sessions*

Semi-private Coaching (2 - 3 people)

Single session - $65 per person

Package pricing - please inquire.

Custom group classes are available, please contact for details.

I believe holistic healthcare should be available for everyone. Financial assistance is available, please contact for details.


Public Classes & Workshops

Nourished Mother Mini-Retreats

9am - 12pm at Open Field Farm in Petaluma
June 27 - sold out

July 25 - sold out
August 15 - sold out

September 19 - sold out

October 24 - sold out

November 14
Join me to nourish and refresh in a self-care circle together. The 3-hour event will feature a full yoga practice complete with moving, stretching and strengthening the entire body, working with the breath, mindfulness techniques and meditation. In addition to yoga, we will share and connect in ritual, learn about the season according to the Ayurvedic tradition, enjoy a nourishing snack, herbal tea and more.
$65 per person, $60 each if three are booked at one time.
Limited to 8-10 Mothers. Location could change. Contact me to signup.

Weekly Yoga Classes in the Parks

Tuesdays at Wickersham Park

4 - 4:45 pm : Mama & Baby Postnatal Yoga
5 - 6 pm : Prenatal Yoga
Signup here.


I will be in touch soon!

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