Nourished Mother Mini-Retreats

Mothers need time to recharge, rejuvenate and come back to self.

They need a pause.

Join us for a deeply nourishing and peaceful morning of

self-care and community connection.

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Here's what you can expect during our time together.

  • An intimate circle of Mothers.

  • A full-body stress-relieving yoga practice complete with moving, stretching and strengthening the entire body.

  • Pranayama for settling anxiety, worry and active minds.

  • Yoga Nidra (or, yogic sleep) for complete relaxation and restoration.​

  • Journaling, working with mindfulness techniques, exploring meditation + so much more.

  • Sharing and connection in ritual with other Mothers in our community. Learn that we are all connected and in the incredible "Mothering" experience together. The wisdom that comes from this special circle is inspiring and powerful.

  • Learn about the seasons according to the wheel of the year and Ayurvedic traditions and how to implement simple tricks into daily life.

  • Enjoy an organic gluten-free, dairy-free snack and herbal tea together to nourish the body and soul.

Taking the time to Nourish.

  • Expect to feel refreshed, alive and full. A sense that you've shed what might have felt heavy in your life, nagging or unbalanced.

  • Stand with your higher-self. Feeling rooted, and whole in your body, mind and spirit gives you the opportunity to find yourself again and again even amongst daily-life challenges, old patterns and habits.

  • An ability and awareness to find balance in the daily grind.

  • Tools, tricks and "yoga snacks" to take off of your mat and into your life.​​

  • Walk away feeling incredibly supported and inspired by an amazing community of womyn.

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The Details.

- 2023 -

Nourished Mother Retreats



March 19

June 25

September 24


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