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Give yourself dedicated time to deepen your yoga practice.

Image by Natalie Grainger

Nourishing & Deepening Yoga Workshops

Yoga for Pelvic Health

"Breath Matters Most"

Sunday, April 21

10am - 1pm

Space limited to 10 mothers.

In this workshop we are going to deep-dive into how we breathe and why it matter so SO much to our overall health and how breath directly relates and contributes to pelvic health and wellness. Learning how to breathe properly will change your life, I'm not kidding.

Included in every workshop is deep nourishing rest, journaling reflections, community support and herbal tea. Because, we are moms and we need a break! These workshops will always provide you space to love up your body, mind and spirit and will set you free feeling nourished, juicy and balanced out.


Location will be shared after signup.

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