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Prenatal Yoga

Stretch, move, breathe and take some time for yourself.

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Current Class Offerings


We will gather together to nourish your pregnancy, calm the nervous-system, relieve stress and thrive during this incredibly special time in your life. We will safely move, stretch and strengthen your body as well as learn about optimal fetal positioning, birthing positions and much more. Creating community and meeting other pregnant mothers is a priority in this class, so come with an open heart to meet some friends.

I am excited to be together on this journey, I hope you will join us!

Fall 2024 Session

  • All levels classes, from beginner to seasoned yogi.

  • Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 6:45pm

    • Fall Session : September 10th - October 29th (8 classes)

    • $225 total for the 8 week session

  • Location is on the west-side of Petaluma, close to downtown and will be shared upon signup.

  • Contact Kari with questions.

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